De’boyed Biography

The musical life of De’boyed began in Nigeria as a secret. Disapproved by his business-owning parents for his exuberant and continual patter of song and dance. The active teen, De’boyed eventually took it upon himself to climb out of his bedroom window late at night, costume stuffed under his street clothes. He ran to the lounges, clubs, and small hotels where friends awaited him. These friends led bands. He would be introduced to the crowds, who would cheer him. He would sing his songs, side stepping until the whole audiences rose to their feet. But the secret couldn’t be maintained forever. By the time De’boyed packed his bags headed to college in the capital city, his family suspected that he was up to something. And, when the biggest club in Lagos gave him his own backup band and said, "Entertain", word spread throughout De’boyed’s native Nigeria about his talents. The day he announced that he decided to head to the music industry’s most fertile ground-the United States-the secret had to be revealed. With tears, joy and hope coming from his family. De’boyed packed his tapes, songs and stage clothing, and climbed aboard a large plane heading to America. Here he is presenting his debut cd entitled "Money Talks". Containing hit singles like “Sexy ‘N Simple, Chinyere, and You Are The Man”. He still has the infectious smile and dancing feet that made him a hit on another continent. Please welcome De’boyed-irrepressible singer, dancer, writer and entertainer-whose talent is a secret no longer.